m2eclipse workspace resolution not working ?

We have this “fix”:

  • Go to your workspace folder
  • in the folder .metadata/.plugins/org.maven.ide.eclipse, remove all file ending with .container
  • in eclipse, clear all projects
  • hope for the best

For us, it has resolved a nasty issue we had : some projects’ dependencies weren’t resolved locally even if the projects in question were in the workspace.

Hope it helps



2 thoughts on “m2eclipse workspace resolution not working ?

  1. Great, it worked for me too.
    Thanks Joseph.

  2. when deleting .container file don’t work then You need to remove from eclipse ‘Maven integration for WTP(Optional)’ plugin and restart eclipse. For me this plugin don’t work propertly when I.m run ‘update project configuration’ and make ‘enable project resolution’ invalid.

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